Baby Would You Marry Me

by John & Jane Kubal

Released 2013
Released 2013
Country/Pop Anniversary song
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         Baby, Would You Marry Me

                                                                                                               by John Kubal

    Through out the years  -          I know I’ve made you cry       

    And I must confess  -         It’s all my selfish pride         

    But there’s one thing that I can’t keep inside  any longer              

    Babe, I want you;  -   got to have you by my side                                 

    Baby, would you marry me  -  if I ask you to .. again;                                                            

    If I told you that I love you now - even more than I did then

    Baby  -  you are the only one -  and I will give my love                

     With every beat of my heart                                   

    Baby, would you marry me  -  Baby would you marry me

     I have to say  -          you’re my  inspiration      

    And yes, we make -       an awesome combination

    You’re the one that always makes my life - a celebration                           

    Do I love you?  -  Oh, let me count the ways


    © 2012 John & Jane’s Music                            


I wrote this song shortly after our 40th anniversary and we decided to go to a pro studio and get some help producing it. Thanks to Dave and Dan Murdy we think it came out pretty cool. Dan played drums and Dave played bass, piano, lead guitar and engineered. I (John) played acoustic guitar and Jane and I did the vocals. Start to finish, it took us about 4 hours to …
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Enter His Gates

by John & Jane Kubal with Marisol Ayala

Released 2015
John & Jane's Music
Released 2015
John & Jane's Music
Songs of Christian Worship that touch the courts of Heaven in styles of Folk, Country Gospel, Contemporary, and soul searching Ballads. Unique arrangements of popular worship songs as well as original tunes that inspire and encourage.
ENTER HIS GATES is John & Jane's 7th CD album project and incorporates cover tunes as well as originals. You'll enjoy styles ranging from Folk, Country Gospel, Contemporary and Ballads.
This project also fetchers the beautiful voice of Marisol Ayala who is a twenty something naturally gifted vocalist. Her sweet personality shines through her singing. Look for more of her in the near future.
About the songs on this album:
"ENTER HIS GATES" (original by John …
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Love so Amazing

by John & Jane Kubal

Released 2012
John & Jane'a Music
Released 2012
John & Jane'a Music
This collection of songs, are all original and are encouragement for our faith journey; mostly Christian Contemporary and Folk style, up tempo, medium, and contemplative psalms. You will be blessed!
Songs for worship and liturgy. These songs of inspiration and worship express the joy of our salvation and are designed to bring healing to the Body of Christ. They focus our faith on the fact of who Jesus is and that He desires a personal relationship with everyone. Many of the songs and Psalms John has written are being used by different ministries for Sunday worship.

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God's Butterfly

by John & Jane Kubal

Released 2015
John & Jane's Music
Released 2015
John & Jane's Music
From a poem by Fr. Gerardo Mendoza, pastor of St. Mel Catholic church in Norco CA.
Fr. Mendoza has a great love for the bible and wrote a poem describing the living Word in a delightful way. As he read the poem to us I immediately got a melody for it.
written by John Kubal


Jan Kubani ~ John's beloved sister passed away on December 1st, 2018.

Her funeral and celebration of life was held on Jan. 4, 2019

PASS IT ON is a tribute to her.

One of her passions was making and sending greeting cards. 

She prayed for everyone who would receive one of those cards

and now her prayers are even more effective for the glory of God.


                  PASS IT ON

     (Jan Kubani 1936-2018)

                                               By John Kubal

With an innocence nothing could take away

       You lived with so few regrets

And you gave of yourself ‘till the end of your days

       Always you aimed for your best

You may not have realized the difference you made

       So let me take this time to say –

That you touch my life in ways no other can do

And you hold my heart - you made me love you

Oh you bless my soul over and over again

So I’ll – pass it on - - to all that I can

You believed in me when I was down and out

       When I needed a kick you provided

And when I get to heaven there will be no doubt

       Your prayers are surely behind it

©2018 John & Jane’s Music

John & Jane Kubal
John Kubal
John & Jane Kubal
John Kubal



                                                                                                By John Kubal

We gather ‘round this table once again

And we’ll make another picture by the tree.

Oh the laughter and loving … how we hate to see it end

At Christmas time with all the family.


The stories for the children always told

And the chance to show we care in special ways.

All the songs about our Savior that never will grow old;

It’s the season we like to stop and say…


Merry Christmas!  Happy holidays to you!

Merry Christmas!  May your every wish come true.

May your heart be filled with joy and peace abiding too.

Merry Christmas!  Happy holidays to you!


Let’s greet the friends we see just once a year

And make a toast to new beginnings yet to come

And remember those we love though far away we feel them near.

With grateful hearts we bless what God has done.

   Warmer clothes and mistletoe and good cheer all around.

   The gifts and cards that fill our hearts and homes.

   Sing the words the shepherds heard on the night that Christ was born.

   “Peace on earth and good will to everyone!”


© 1995. 2015 John & Jane’s Music