Love so Amazing

John & Jane Kubal

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Love so Amazing

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This collection of songs, are all original and are encouragement for our faith journey; mostly Christian Contemporary and Folk style, up tempo, medium, and contemplative psalms. You will be blessed!

Songs for worship and liturgy. These songs of inspiration and worship express the joy of our salvation and are designed to bring healing to the Body of Christ. They focus our faith on the fact of who Jesus is and that He desires a personal relationship with everyone. Many of the songs and Psalms John has written are being used by different ministries for Sunday worship.

LOVE SO AMAZING - A song of Praise & Worship, Surrender, and Thanksgiving. The communion of Saints is vast and growing as we add our Hallelujahs!
Special thanks to Ryan D'Cunha on Drums.

GIVE YOU PRAISE: - A song of Praise & Worship - Scripture ref.: Psalms 150: 1,2, and Psalms 144; 1,2 and Psalms 121: 1. Special thanks to Ryan D'Cunha on Drums.

MY SOUL CRIES OUT: - A personal psalm of encouragement in the wilderness; like Psalms 103 and 63. Jesus wants to hear all our deepest longings and the Holy Spirit wants to encourage our spirits by reminding us of His love and care. Thanks again to Ryan D'Cunha on Drums.

REAL TO ME: - A song of commitment, thanks, love, and fresh dedication. When we experience for ourselves that Jesus has overcome death, we can bring life and light to others.

BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE: - A song of proclaiming the Gospel, and an invitation to believe. Inspired by a statement from actress and comedian Victoria Jackson; "How can anyone be offended by such a beautiful message?" Special thanks to Conchita Campau for back up lead vocal and Ryan D'Cunha on drums.

WE ARE THE LIGHT: - A song of Praise and Worship - Scripture ref. (Matt. 5: v.3, 9, 7, 13, 14, 16). Special thanks again to Conchita Campau for back up lead vocal, and to Ryan D'Cunha on drums.

MY DELIGHT: - A psalm of passion and longing for God's house. Ref. Psalms 84. Thanks to Jane Kubal on drums.

DAYS LIKE THIS: - God wants us to know His personal love and presence. When we sin He is ready to reconcile us to Himself. Ref. Romans 3: 21-26. This song was written with a special great niece in mind. Thanks to Jane Kubal on drums.

BLOOM: - A song of encouragement, invitation, and inspiration. Thinking about the meaning of life and how God plants us in special places and times to be a blessing to others. Ref. Revelations 22: 1-5. The well of living water that springs up within us flows from the throne of God.

OPENED MY EYES: - Just when we've made the worst mistake or some calamity befalls us we may be tempted to despair. Those things we used to fear are gone in Jesus' name!

REJOICE: - This is a song of encouragement written for the saints at St. John Vianney, Hacienda Hts. CA. who lost their church building to arson fire in April of 2011. Ref. Philippians 4: 4-8 (the Bible's mental health hot line).

FOR THIS LOVE: - Inspired by the Song of Solomon; a love song for a wedding. Special thanks to Ryan D'Cunha on drums.

FOUND MY PEACE: - Written in 2012 to honor our dear friend Laurie Sherock who is now dancing in the Lord's presence. She endured many physical and emotional hardships in this life but loved to celebrate life and longed for God's peace. Ref. Psalms 62: 6, 8, 9, - Psalms 63: 5, 6, 9,. Thanks to Jane Kubal on harmonica.

If you would like chord sheets for these or any of the other songs J+J have written, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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