From the recording When They Run out of Fun

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It's a beautiful day in the park - got the one that I love on my arm
not a care in the world. just to know you're my girl
starts the beat of a song in my heart.
There's just something about you and me - we fit together quite naturally
I'll try and explain in the briefest refrain but it might go on indefinitely
When they run out of fun in New Orleans - that's when I'll stop lovin' you
When the're not grown' spuds up in Idaho - then I guess you could say we'd be through
When the sun no longer shines on Daytona Beach - that's when your smile won't have a hold on me.
All I can say is - "I'll NEVER stop lovin' you"!
When I'm holding you tight and we kiss - Oh baby, what could be better than this?
You're my dream coming true - thank God I found you
You're the best at the top of my list
What the future might be who can say - I'm so glad we're together today
It's for sure that you'll be - the one and only for me
for how long, - let me phrase it this way
(c) 2019 John and Jane's Music